Wednesday, June 29, 2016

I would've won every game

It's not a new idea, but perhaps this is a new take on it:

Maybe you can guess what my last few weeks have been like.

I invite you to add your own entries in the comments.

---From Ogre Proctor Hep.


  1. "Free space" is far too positive, OPH, as it sounds like there is some possibility of parking somewhere within walking distance of one's office. Sink holes are more likely at my joint.

    Hope your coming weeks will be an improvement on the last few.

  2. As for an entry:

    Innocent mentee encounters problem in new gig that "can" be solved, but only by shattering said mentee's illusions.

  3. To generate different cards for different players, enter your list into the Buzzword Bingo Game Build Your Own page, here:

    They already have a Faculty Meeting Bingo card generator. It uses these entries:

    student success
    student-centered learning
    learning outcomes
    student evaluations
    mission statement
    Strategic Plan
    Instructional Technology
    Bloom's Taxonomy
    action plan
    immersive learning
    high-impact learning techniques
    active learning
    game-based learning
    human capital
    multiple intelligences
    organizational core values
    learning community
    task force
    unit assessment
    institutional assessment
    student retention
    community service
    core curriculum
    learning environment
    teaching effectiveness
    qualitative metrics
    evaluative metrics

    1. It uses those entries if you paste them in. Or you can use others.

      We first heard of that site in this CM post. If you look at the URL provided in that post, you'll see all those terms embedded, which is the result of beginning from the page Frod linked (and I now hotlink).

  4. Abstract
    Our student success assessment of student-centered learning is an administration initiative committee into learning outcomes on pedagogy, CES, and student evaluations, which led us to create a new mission statement based on a Strategic Plan for Instructional Technology using Bloom's Taxonomy as part of our action plan for immersive learning with high-impact learning techniques, active learning, and game-based learning to produce human capital with multiple intelligences and 21st century organizational core values.
    The resulting learning community task force unit assessment institutional assessment "project" into student retention through community service affects our NSSE professionalism and prescriptive, core curriculum (and, indeed) non-traditional learning environment teaching effectiveness as recorded by both qualitative metrics and evaluative metrics’ metrics.

    1. Anytime I hear anyone talk like this, I ask them, "Do you REALLY think that way?" But of course, I also wonder that whenever I hear the word, "facilitate."

    2. I bow before the master!!!

      We're not worthy!!! We're not worthy!!!

    3. No you're not, if that's the best you've got, but it beats the unhealthy interest in sheep a computer major in one of my classes has. (Oh, go look it up.)

  5. In my localized version, square G2 would be "Student email starts with 'Eh, Prof'" (really) but otherwise it all works for me.

    1. I more often get "Hey [firstname]" or "Hey Mrs. [lastname]".

    2. I had a student that constantly tried to get my attention by calling me, "hey you!" and snapping his fingers. He threatened to report me for prejudicial treatment. I had a meeting with him and asked if I was correct in assuming he wished to be treated with respect. He said yes. I said, well so do I. And when you call me "Prof Academaniac", I will respond to you IN TURN. As I do for all students. Thankfully I just had to set these boundaries and he turned out to be a pretty good student.

  6. Student asks for extension on assignment.

    Student can't take the exam with the rest of the class and needs to take a makeup exam.

    Student comes to office for the first time a week before the final (having missed at least half the classes) and says "I'm very concerned about my grade".

  7. Most at-risk student always leaves early when there are in-class exercises.

    (I've got several like that, this semester. Maybe I'll put together a post on the matter.)

  8. Student writes claiming that my (full) section of a class of which over a hundred sections are offered each semester is the only one that will fit hir schedule.

    Student forgets to bcc and/or change the name of the professor on above request.


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