Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Welcome. How to Share Your Misery.

College Misery has been online since 2010, and we've always provided a (relatively) stress free location for faculty to vent the frustrations of an academic career. Oh, we don't care who you're mad at today. Colleagues, your dean, those damn snowflake students. We've even had terrific posts in the past about otherwise innocuous librarians! We can find our misery anywhere!!

In order to share your misery, simply use the green "to submit a post" icon at the top of the right sidebar. Write that post exactly how you want it to appear, and make sure to conclude the post with a user name - you know, Don from Detroit, Helen in Halifax, Mathology, etc. Your emailed post will go into a queue, and after the moderator is good and drunk, he'll check it, add a blurry graphic, and set it loose onto the page.

Further down the sidebar is a nice yellow icon for Fab, me, the RGM with the mostest. This is the link to use when you want to tell me what an asshole I am, or when you don't like the current background or font size.

Anyway, the point of the page is, we love our jobs and hate parts of them at the same time. We are not bad people. Well, Ben is, but most of us are good people. Well, Bubba isn't. And Archie. Cal neither. Wait. Some of us are good people. And we love to talk about the profession we chose. We even talk about ways to fix shit some time!

Anyway, as summer continues to crush us all, welcome, take a look around the archives, and let us know if we can help bring your misery to our readers.


  1. I'm pretty sure Bubba is a good person -- and Ben and Archie and Cal, too. At least, as you point out, Fab, we all still care, though we may express that caring in rather curmudgeonly ways. Maybe this is a page for more-or-less lovable curmudgeons?

    I'm also sure Dr. Molly is a good person (though perhaps still a bit too young and naive to be a curmudgeon). Nice to see her again!

    1. I've tried to reach Molly but haven't had any luck.

  2. I've missed Dr. Molly.

    Despite a consciously adopted policy of pessimism I am a naturally optimistic person. (The policy is an attempt to protect myself from the worst consequences that befall the naively optimistic, but it doesn't impinge on my daily attitude.) The cartoon Dr. Molly's adventures resonate with my experience, and make me smile almost every time I see one of the strips.

  3. Is it just me, or does anybody else perceive the green building at the left of the blog background as being on fire? At least one (maybe two) third story windows and one second-story one seem to have flames emanating from them.

    At least there appears to be a drainpipe in the near vicinity for anybody who needs to to slide down (and perhaps the tall purple woman nearby has done just that, and/or is calling for help?)

    Or maybe, given recent events (on the blog, and everywhere else), I'm imagining disasters where they don't exist?

    1. It is a Rorschach test, and the woman in the lower left is Wilma Flintstone. And I think to the lower right are some flying Ninjas.


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