Monday, August 29, 2016

Another Week...


  1. Not showing up to class, particularly the first day, isn't cool if these students are telling the truth.

    If I'm sick, I still go to class, but if there's a chance of me being contagious, remaining is only voluntary on the part of the students. They'll be hurt if they leave in that I WILL be testing on the material that is taught, but it will not count as an absence if they wish to protect their health.

    But I can't slow down for trivialities like being sick, which happens rarely anyway.

  2. I've been teaching 30+ years and fairly recently I had some major health issues that took me away from a total of 4 weeks over 2 years of school. For every one of those courses I had subs, assistants, emails, or a phone call in class with a student. I made video lectures on my fucking crappy iPhone and uploaded them to the CMS. I made one video lecture in the emergency room of a hospital.

    I don't want a medal. I know other faculty over my career who would have done the same with the technology we have now, and always found a way to reach out to students so they were not stranded or left waiting and wondering.

    I know there are deniers out there, and I don't doubt some tom foolery could be afoot.

    But motherfucker, man, you do everything you can to meet class, to be there, to be PRESENT, to show you give a shit about it. You don't skip out. You don't announce to class you're cancelling to go to a fucking concert somewhere. You don't unilaterally cancel all Fridays because you're missed you drew the short straw and didn't get a T/Th schedule (all things I've seen happen).

    When people bitch about our profession and its proffies, this is one thing they may have right.

    1. I agree for the most part. Personally, I think it is tremendous that you continue to teach, albeit on a reduced schedule. We need people with your humor and grace and skill. But please be well. My best to Mrs. Cal.



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