Friday, September 30, 2016

The next time you need one more item for a pot-pourri...


  1. What kind of exam requires special pants?

    1. It's probably a chemistry lab quiz. Students have to wear long pants for safety reasons at some schools.

  2. Trading pants is nothing. Some of my students have traded IDs so that one of them would not have to take an exam.

  3. Oh, again to be
    Aged just twenty.
    And to stand,
    Alone in the can,
    With the wind from the hand
    Dryer on my knees.

  4. Hey,

    --they were studying,

    --they recognized the problem well before the student headed to class (possibly even by -- gasp -- reading class materials),

    --they solved the problem, apparently without turning to an (older) adult,

    --and he looks pretty cute in those shorts.

    I'd call that a win all 'round. Especiallly since,

    --[bonus]the whole thing evoked a neat little poem from CCC.


    --[extrabonus]I am closer to being caught up on grading than I have been since the start of the semester (not there yet, but closer), which does wonders for my mood.

  5. I was wondering exactly about Cassandra's item #4: A boy in a girl's booty shorts? I bet he does look pretty cute.

    1. If you click through to his tweet, you can see a picture. They actually look like pretty ordinary, short but not ridiculously short, more or less unisex athletic shorts to me, but I'm definitely not up on current fashion terminology (and I'm old enough to remember when Bill Clinton jogged in such shorts, and nobody said much, because that's what many people wore to job).

    2. Job? Somewhat delicious of a Freudian slip, I'd think.

    3. Yes, now I see them. They do look like ordinary gym shorts. Still, Cassandra's right that the two of them solved their problem all by themselves, just like grownups.

      And yes, OPH, the Freudian slip is perfect.

  6. The guy deserves points for this, although sitting anywhere for an hour is a lot easier with smartphones/wifi. If he just went back to the library to study in those booty shorts, then he'd be a stud.

  7. Yet another reason to include gender-neutral restrooms on campus. How else are students of different genders supposed to swap pants when in need?

    (Seriously, though, how'd they pull this off?)



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