Thursday, September 15, 2016

Today's VidShizzle, a Real One, Not Crap Like Usual.

from HuffPo

Some professors go over the syllabus during the first classes of the school year. Loyola University Maryland’s John McIntyre has a more unconventional approach.

The professor deadpans in the video below what he describes as a “trigger warning” for new students on the first day of his copy editing class at the university’s Department of Communication.

“This is going to be a difficult class,” he says. “And part of what is going to be difficult in this class is that if you are like the 700 or so students who have preceded you here, you are wobbly in English grammar and usage.”

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  1. Couldn't be more accurate. At one point I laughed in a students face because they have me an answer that was so wrong (basically told me an adjective was a noun) that I thought they were joking.

    Had an oh shit moment and felt super bad after.


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