Monday, November 21, 2016

Compound Cal Writes This...

When I began to find Lipdubs, I was taken with the amazing planning that went into these campus wide, often one-shot, wonders with dozens or scores of students all getting together and completing a task far harder than, say, getting to the fucking library, or completing a 15 minute group project.

And, as Fab said yesterday about the "Dorm Dancin'" vids, these gave me such a warm feeling for my otherwise dour students. "Look at these fucking kids go," I often thought. And a small part of my black heart always wanted one of my own students to come up to me after class one day and say, "Dr. Cal, we're putting together a lipdub on campus Saturday morning. Here's your lyric. Wear a boa and a funky hat and come and have fun!"

Alas, as you might guess, it never happened.

Anyway, thanks Fab for reviving some of these old vidshizzles. Like the two you've shown so far, this comes from about 7 years ago and was the first college lipdub I ever shared on RYS, AND it's the one that had the most editing, as I did some tricks in the video and even cut out a brief section of another (much more well known) song, to keep the odd and lovely Eurovibe of this French wonder.


  1. My memory is that this video was the first of its kind on the page, but I definitely could be wrong. I remember having a similar reaction. Look at the WORK in this, and I can't get a raised hand or two syllable response.

    Seems these have had their day.

    1. YES, this is the first one I saw! I guess I just linked to the RYS page rather than putting it with our archives. Furtwangen University!

      I hope Fab - ahem, hint - posts that amazing St Andrews lipdub for the New Radicals tune. That's not as complex as these, but, jesus, those kids look like they'd be fun to teach!

    2. Why aren't you guys teaching? Why aren't I?

      I can't find the UBC lipdub, and I cannot remember the song at all, but it was insanely complex, way more like a Hollywood extravaganza than just some kids from Media department. If either of you know it, put the link in the comments.


      PS: Will, all is forgiven...come back for good...

    3. I would definitely have dated the bowtie kid at 4:23 in the New Radicals video. I mean, come on.

  2. Here's that UBC lipdub. The scope of it is astonishing.


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