Friday, November 25, 2016

Friday's Open Forum, You Know, A Place to Deposit Some Tasty Vents that Maybe Don't Quite Fill Out a Whole Post. Or, Maybe You Just Want to Report On That Terrible Thanksgiving Dinner Debacle With Friends and Family, Especially Uncle Rick Who Kept Saying, "Do Misty," When Misty Is Not Aunt Misty, But Instead the Carolina College Cheerleader Who is Dating Uncle Rick's Mortified Son Rusty. That's Just a Hypothetical Example.

Today's open forum is open, and forum-like,
free for you to share some nuggets, below,
in the region, in the manner.

There's no charge. 
Except a psychic one, of course.


  1. Did you know that Napoleon offered an award of 21,000 silver livres (think two million dollars) to anyone who could invent a method of preserving food for his army?

    A small French confectioner known for his toffee and honey cakes took up the challenge and, using mason jars and boiling water, invented a rudimentary technique of pasteurization/canning. He was able to prove that food cooked and stored in the sealed jars remained unspoiled as long as the seal was intact.

    He used the 21,000 livres to build a confections manufactory, making good on his dream to give children and adults everywhere the joy of nice, well-made toffee and drop candy.

    His confections manufactory ended the way all good things end: Being burned by British soldiers.

    1. The soldiers were from ESSEX. Yeah, obviously. Anyone from England understands.

    2. Anyone from BRITAIN understands.

      The island is trying to deal with the problem - that part of the country is slowly sinking, and the north slowly rising. Just too slow for nice, well-made toffee...

    3. I did know about Boney and the tinned foods, history buff that I am, but thanks for asking. Did you know that the coast of Britain disappears at a rate of eight feet per year in some locations? Great news for future archaeologists, bad news for owners of waterfront property on the east coast.

  2. SMBC gives another shout out to the under-appreciate contingent faculty among us:

    Or is that more like a dose of unwelcome reality?

    And as long as I'm just posting links have some classic Doonesbury on the same subject:


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