Thursday, November 3, 2016

POW: From Inside Higher Ed.


  1. If you end your justification for spending funds by saying, "or whatever" you should reconsider talking to the media.

    1. Yes, the appropriate conclusion to that sentence would have been "and whatnot." Much more gravitas.

    2. ...true, but Batshit U admin regularly spends way more on even dafter projects.

      A recent example would be the introduction of exotic fish in the stream that runs through the campus. Someone high up thought it would be pretty, or something of equally vital importance to the institution's mission.

      It turns out that these fish don't like rough weather, so any time there's a storm, they have to be, ahem, fished out, and looked after by experts until the weather is better.

    3. Yeah, great, introduce a possible invasive species with no known predator into a local ecosystem. Someone did this shit at my joint (dropped a few "spare research subjects" into a pond) and kind of fucked things up. Turns out there are laws against such things.

    4. "a possible invasive species with no known predator into a local ecosystem" could equally be applied to the admin or the Dean of Appeasement.

    5. Plenty of predators for that one, just none fit enough to take it out.

  2. OK, so I was all ready to blast the UNM president for throwing his faculty under the bus before looking more closely into what could have been a pedagogically sound exercise, but then I got to this:

    "Even though there were no students or faculty on the expedition..."

    Nope. I'm out.

    Then again, I have in mind a project to search for pink elephants. All I need is a case or two of Brunello di Montalcino, which could be had for a mere 10% of what Dyer's expedition cost.


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