Thursday, November 10, 2016

Sawyer Thinks We'd Enjoy This. Who Am I To Deny Him? I Can't Seem To Deny My Students Their Desire to Ruin Every Single Waking Hour of My Days and Nights. They Think I Enjoy Their Idiocy, Their Bad Writing, Their Worse Presentations. They Think They're Cute as a Bucket of Puppies When They Shrug At My Questions. So, Yeah, That's Maybe Off Topic. I Got No Problem With Sawyer. I'd Like a Funny Comic Strip Link, Personally. In Fact I May Look At It Before I Share It With You. See, I Just Did That. Wait Till You Follow the Link and See that Last Panel. Thanks, Sawyer. And to My Students... [REDACTED]



  1. Nice punch line (which I won't spoil). I think (hope) it goes without saying to anyone reading here, but DON'T DO THIS. Getting a Ph.D. with the hope of getting a full-time, tenure-track academic job is an act of questionable sanity; getting a second M.A. while trying to support yourself by teaching as an adjunct (which suggests you're somehow hoping to continue teaching at the college level) is insane.

    Also -- They Think They're Cute as a Bucket of Puppies When They Shrug At My Questions. Yeah, I've had a few of those students. They're incredibly annoying. I've also had a few students who tried to get away with things by trying to be charming (with mixed success -- at being charming, I mean. They didn't get away with stuff, or at least not more than their less-trying-to-be-charming classmates). That's annoying, too, but at least "charming" is (or can be) an adult attribute. "Cute" as a strategy should wear out c. age 5 (and shouldn't be indulged before that).

  2. My joint is talking about expanding PhD programs. I think they're insane.

  3. Hahaha -- I'm doing this right now, getting an MS in administration after my BA / MA / PhD in my research field. While working full time! Fortunately, my adjunct university allows me 4 free courses a year, so I will likely be able to finish the whole thing for about $2000 (which my current job my cover as part of my professional development).

    Will it make a difference in the future? Well..... likely not. I'm just a glutton for punishment.


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