Sunday, November 20, 2016

Super Sunday Open Forum For Discussion and General Miserable Enjoyment.

Here below, in the region, one may, in the manner, make open comments, just-let-it-rips of all kinds and stations. Fear not of being judged because few of us know who you are. After all, most of think only of ourselves - and of Ben.

Remember the good old days?


  1. What are you doing for the holiday? I caught up on grading (#thankful!), so I am learning new software.

    1. I am recovering from a few hectic months, hoping to revive my soul just to get through the last few weeks of the semster.

    2. I'm about where Ben is -- and definitely not caught up on grading. So there will have to be some grading, but there will also be time for sleeping, walking, cooking, and catching up with family/friends. I'm looking forward to it, especially since the week after Thanksgiving already looks hellish (40 or so paper conferences plus some classes and assorted other grading and maybe a meeting or two in 5 days is a bit much).

      [and yes, I do remember the days pictured above, and am somewhat nostalgic for them. At the very least, I'm glad McCain is still around, and saying sensible things about torture. I don't agree with him on plenty of things, but I do respect him, if not perhaps his judgment/taste when it comes to VPs. As for said VP-fortunately-never-elect, though I'm a bit distressed, though not surprised, to see a very white, very male cabinet forming, I have no wish to see her in any position of power or responsibility]


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