Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Whatever Wednesday, Blah Blah Open Forum...

Here is that old thing,
where the misery is shared,
in the region,
in the manner.


  1. I have only 2 class meetings after the Thanksgiving break. This has to fucking change. I don't care how, but either end at Thanksgiving by starting early, or let us have 2-3 weeks AFTER Thanksgiving so it's the actual length of some kind of unit, and not just a final exam prep and a day to sit around after forgetting everything. Nobody listens to me. I just wanted to tell you.

    1. We've got two weeks of classes after Thanksgiving, which is unusual -- we've usually got one, I think -- but I think is probably better. Maybe every year is weird in its own way (last year -- or maybe the year before? they all blend together -- was weird because Labor Day was as late as it could get), but this one feels especially weird, mostly, I think, due to election day falling as late as it could (and election day happening, period) and Thanksgiving falling relatively early. At least we won't be handing in grades on Christmas Eve (or, rather, scrambling to hand them in two days before Christmas Eve because the university president and/or the governor gave the staff some additional time off, which is perfectly fine except when it gets announced after we've all created course schedules, and the registrar has created exam schedules, that allow time for grading). But I'm feeling discombobulated nonetheless, and have found myself revising course schedules that have worked quite well in other years on the fly this semester (and need to do a bit more of that over the break). But I'm not sure the discombobulation is really the fault of the calendar; there's plenty else going on, and somewhat-discombobulated may be my natural state in any case.

    2. Kinda depends on when Thanksgiving is, but we typically have two weeks.

      It beats the hell out of when we were on quarters and Fall ended at Thanksgiving. We then had three weeks of class before two weeks of Christmas break. It was truly a joy.

  2. It's April Fools, right? Praying.

  3. I want to know how interesting committee members who hired me turned into petty dullards once I got here.

    1. We hire actors to conduct the interviews, of course.

    2. I have been on committees and marveled at the personas my colleagues would put on for a candidate. It was startling. Misanthropes start to fawn. Numbskulls bone up on a few key facts and fake 10 minutes of brilliance.

      It's no wonder Orlando and others find a "new" crew waiting.

      I'm always myself, darling!

      The RGM

      PS: I hope it's okay if comment on things under the moderator account but purely as a member of the blog. I don't want to have 2 accounts. Let's just say that when I'm joining on a conversation - and, you know, not making a blogg-y proclamation - that I'm just me, just a colleague and longtime community member who one person has already guessed in an email!


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