Thursday, December 8, 2016

Hector Sends In This Link

Here's a website that has been popping up on some of the plagiarized papers I've been getting.


Who are we?

We are a young yet experienced team of writers and service specialists who have been helping students since 2007.

Why do we do what we do?

To put it simply, we’ve all been there. We know the pain of wasting precious time on less-than-exciting assignments while your student years slip through your fingers. We’d like to ensure that you can focus on what matters to you.

What do we want to achieve?

Let’s admit it. The current educational system is flawed. Students are assigned papers that bear little relevance to their interests, or they are too busy to complete assignments because they are working hard to cover enormous tuition fees. We work to address the deficiencies of the system, one paper at a time.

Overnightessay writers team


  1. "Students are assigned papers that bear little relevance to their interests"

    FUCK your interests. How about this: develop interests that are relevant to the assignments. Why are you even here if you aren't interested? Your disinterest is a deficiency in the "customer", not the "system".

    1. Amen. I'm not sure we should start advertising the core curriculum quite that way, but that is the point of the exercise: try thinking in a way, and about things, with which you feel less immediate affinity than your chosen/planned major, and see what happens. You just might be surprised, and at the very least you will have exercised your mental (and social/psychological) muscles a bit, and gained a new perspective on the world, and other people.

    2. Thank you for saying exactly what I was thinking.

  2. For fun, I took a look at their site.

    Not only do they offer MA level work within 12 hours,they also salve your conscience over any mp3 files you may have inadvertently acquired. For example, (and I quote) "The supporters of the paid music claim that artists should receive payments for their works, used in this or other way, according to the above mentioned Copyright."

    I'm guessing that the sample paper wasn't done by the guy who produced the advertorial. I think I'd rather have him for all my plagiarizing needs.

    1. Yeah he's at Propaganda Level: Stalin.

      "You're probably thinking 'Is it WRONG to starve millions of Ukrainians into virtual extinction?' and the answer is very complicated. You see, there's some things you have to consider:

      -The Ukrainians would probably starve even if our soldiers did not cut off supply chains and our parties of raiders didn't burn down their crops.

      -They would do the same thing to you.

      -It's not really murder, it's their body killing ITSELF. If anything, starving to death is a cry for help.

      -Good for their figure.

    2. It's admittedly not as important as the ideas expressed (except that it is, given the nature of the business), but the author has a knowing-when-to-use-an-article problem ("the paid music"). Admittedly, such mistakes, which are very common in the writing of multilingual learners, would lend an air of verisimilitude if turned in by some students, but they're going to be a bit of a red flag if they show up in the work of a lazy nth-generation American frat bro.

  3. Exactly, OPH. 'Cause, ya know, life is made up ONLY of things that are personally relevant and interesting to you! I love how they make cheating sound so admirable. Such educational disrupters, they are! And, if the featured pic is any indication, they are such a diverse group of cheaters! They are the fearless superheroes of the future!

  4. Fuck these fucking fuck faces. Grinning fucking idiots. Fuck.

  5. I teach an intro course that lots of non-majors take. They couldn't care less about chemistry and they let me know it. My response is that they need to practice performing well on tasks that don't matter to them. I assure them that every job has parts that are a waste of time, including mine.

    1. When you say that last part, approach them and stare at them intently.

  6. I think they left out paragraph 2 of "why we do what we do":

    Besides, this pays a lot better, and offers much more flexible hours, than any other job we could get right out of college, especially since we've outsourced the actual writing to people considerably more desperate (and less skilled) than we are. We're running some other internet-based businesses on the side, including a fake-news site that really raked in the bucks this fall, and we've got a couple of apps in development, so our long-range plan is to sell this enterprise off and pretend we never had anything to do with it.

  7. I don't feel angry at the students who cheat. If they plagiarize, I know it and I fail them.

    I feel sad for the words themselves. People are paying less than five cents per word--or up to maybe fourteen cents at the PhD level? These people don't know the value of a good word. In my neck of the woods, I can buy several gallons of potable water for a dime, but a good word is priceless.

  8. "Students are assigned papers that bear little relevance to their interests" LOL. If only my professors assigned me research papers about Star Trek and kittens, college wouldn't have been such a colossal waste of time.

    I got my bachelor's degree 20-odd years ago and, because I am not dead from the neck up, have acquired some new interests since then (such as Star Trek: TNG and LOLcats).

    How many idiots have insisted that they will never use algebra so math is a waste of time, even as they are counting out their quarters to see how many loads of laundry they can do?

    You never know what knowledge you might later need, and especially if you are paying cold hard cash for to acquire it, it's better to have it, and never use it, than to desperately need it, and not have it. That's why I know how to swim.

  9. It just occurred to me that the questions asked by the paper mill are good questions that our students should ask themselves. The answers may lead them to avoid plagiarism (or attending college) in the first place.


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