Friday, July 2, 2010

Top Ten Reasons that RYS died

OK, we're all a bit misty eyed over the loss of RYS. Its sudden, mysterious demise only intensifies the grief. To help us move forward, I have scoured the internets and twitters to collect the ten most likely reasons that RYS bought the farm.

10. Wicked Walter and Katie snuck into the Compound and kicked their ass.

9. They lost the page view competition to a site devoted to faculty who love their students, schools and each other.

8. The moderators were telling the truth. They really did want to kill the site.

7. After five years, you need to start getting some real work done.

6. Rate My Professors made them an offer they could not refuse.

5. RYS moderators moonlight as world famous soccer players who are too busy now competing at the world cup.

4. The web site was part of Stage 1: Solicit faculty complaints by assuring them that submission is anonymous. We are now entering Stage 2...

3. Very few successful web sites have the word “ennui” in the slogan.

2. Their National Endowment for the Arts funding ran out.

1. They never could get the graphics to look crappy enough.


  1. Beaker Ben is the king. I laughed so hard at #3 that scotch flew out of my nose.

  2. #3 was my favourite too. Scotch making a nasal exit really burns.

  3. The death of crappy designs is one of those things that eases the pain of losing RYS.

    I remember staring, slack-jawed, at the black announcement that RYS had died. Surely this was a joke? It's my favorite blog! I check it thrice daily, despite the fact that they were only posting once a day. Blind hope kept me coming: maybe Bitchy Bear had a smack-down that was posted at 6pm.

    However, the most plausible excuse (other than their own inherent snow-flakiness) is #4: Stage Two could prove to be very frightening indeed. The snowflakes -- erm, customers -- are pissed.

    Grab your scotch and run.

  4. I went for # 2 myself. though I can't think why the NEA wouldn't refund!

  5. I thought Cash was alright. I mean I wasn't one of the ones who wrote in fan mail and I wouldn't, like, do him or anything, but I never quite saw the reason behind the hatin'.

  6. I liked 5, but maybe that's because I've blown most of the last month watching said games.

    But stage 2 is a most frightening prospect. Actually a grad student almost figured out my RYS identity once, but I convinced her that I lacked Archie's gift for profanity.

  7. Number three made me laugh...

    but that got fixed really quickly by number two, which made me cry.


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