The case of the Redwood City father who's suing because his son was dropped from a class for cheating has struck a nerve in readers, who have e-mailed, phoned and posted their discontent online.
Jack Berghouse's lawsuit against the Sequoia Union High School District has disturbed people's sense of fairness and decency as well as their belief in the importance of teaching character and ethics in young people who will inherit the nation's leadership.
"We should be able to take the consequences for our choices," said Annalys Berraje of Soquel. "I think it's terrible that people wink at things that ultimately destroy the value of the character of the nation."
Berghouse's son and three other students were dropped from a sophomore honors English class at Sequoia High School in Redwood City for copying and sharing homework. The four students were transferred to a lower-level but still college-preparatory class. Berghouse filed a suit earlier this month, and called the news media to say his son's due process rights were violated. He seeks to have his son readmitted to the honors class.