Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It Is I, Yaro, With My Own "Stream."

  • My paternal grandfather was a coal miner.
  • My maternal grandfather was a farmer.
  • My own father was a watchmaker.
  • My height is 1.83m.
  • I find great pleasure in knowing that I share a birthday with Vincent Van Gogh, MC Hammer, and Secretariat.
  • My students today will find me wearing a cowl turtleneck, so cold is our seminar room.
  • My office door is always wide open. For I have nothing to hide.
  • I teach in a place, a location, really, where there is tremendous weather.
  • I have never understood the term "hump day," and would never utter it.
  • I have published four books and they have sold poorly. I have told my closer friends this, but as for my colleagues, I am mute.
  • I send Myra a chaste and well-intentioned kiss across the blog.


  1. Oh, Yaro, you've just written that whole list for the last bullet. You horny old...uh...Austrian?

  2. To hell with sending Myra "a chaste and well-intentioned kiss." I'd like to HUMP her, plain and simple. Have you seen that short skirt she wears--and what it reveals when she jumps? Dear Jesus, please let me hump Myra before I die....

  3. Myra - I'm hoping - has the good sense to shoot higher than a "hump" from someone named Bubba.

  4. Yaro, you might try, or at least ""

  5. Cal, Yaro is as straight as Truman Capote. The cowlneck, the diction, the horror at "hump day." And if I am wrong, he should take the complement and run.

  6. Oops, compliment. What the #$#*( is wrong with me? I hurt from all the pegs that are hitting me as I take myself down.

  7. "Oh, Yaro, you've just written that whole list for the last bullet. You horny old...uh...Austrian?"
    - Eating Low Salt

    I took him for a Brazilian ex-pat (originally he said his father was a farmer, coupled with the possibly Portugese-sounding pseudonym, and the avatar [which looks like Gabriel Garcia Marquez* - sorta].) That or a parody of a foreign ex-pat professor.


    * Before Katherine swoops down, yes, I know that Marquez is from Colombia, a Spanish-speaking state, just as I know that Chernobyl is in the Ukraine and not Siberia.

  8. I thought Yaro's avatar looked like Robert Benchley...

  9. I do most of my work sitting down; that's where I shine.
    - Robert Benchley


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