Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Welcome to College Misery and the Fall of 2K10.

I don't know how you found us, but welcome.

College Misery is a group blog, with no real moderators, quite a few nuts, and a healthy dose of snark - even when it's just as easy to be kind (as my mother used to say).

To gain posting rights, email us and ask. At this point there are about 15 spots available, and we're always looking to add spleen-venting proffies who want to share delightful, brutal, and fiery stories of their academic lives.

This page was born shortly after the demise of Rate Your Students. A group of former readers of that site took it upon themselves to start a new site where the smackdown could continue, but we are NOT RYS, because those elitist fuckers (or so say some CM readers) had too much control during their glory days. Damn them for spending 5 years MODERATING. What a quaint, old fashioned term that really means "QUASHING."

But seriously, welcome. We've been running for nearly two months; visitors seem to like it. We've been taking on students, colleagues, administrators, whoever or whatever gets in our way.

Let the Fallpocalypse begin.

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  1. My students stink,
    I need a drink,
    If only they would
    try to think.


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