Monday, September 27, 2010

They're Advertising!!

Sorry to post and run, but I was too amazed to let this go yet too busy to recreate my experience with a fancy photoshop image.

Waiting for the bus. Saw a young woman walking down the street. Noticed she was taking up the whole sidewalk and forcing everyone to part for her to pass. (Internal eye-roll) Took note of her flamboyant tie-dyed tshirt. My eyes grew large as I read the script on said tshirt:

"Snowflake. Class of 2009"



  1. They say acceptance is the first step towards recovery.

    But I wonder what THEY mean when they call themselves snowflakes. It's probably without any irony. It's, "we're all unique individuals."

    How did you restrain yourself from bopping said snowflake over head with your satchel or bunch of bananas or whatever Academic Monkeys carry? ; )

  2. I think it's very considerate of her to self-identify. Imagine if they all did this, how much easier life would be for us...


  3. It could be could be written across her butt.

  4. So it's an already graduated 'flake? Or someone who doesn't understand how "class of" works?

    (the Beloit Mindset lists reminds us that frosh are now class of '14! scary)


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