Friday, October 15, 2010

Fab's Mailbag!

Hi Fab. I sent you a funny post to put up on CM yesterday. It still hasn't appeared. It was yesterday morning I sent it.

So since you've not had a chance to do it, could you put up a funny graphic for it, too. I'd think a skunk holding his nose, or maybe just any skunk. If it had those wavy lines that shows the funky smell, that'd be cool, too.

Do you write us back when you post the things or do I have to keep writing you directly?



  1. You have to be making these emails up.

  2. Hey Fab,

    Could you CC me on the email too? I'd like to get a notification of when you upload that post.

  3. Oh, Fab! I need a new avatar. Can you find me a picture of a steampunk Tinkerbell rimming a pink unicorn, but the unicorn has on Jesus sandals and is holding a muffin in its mouth? If possible I'd like it to say "Marcia!!" in airbrush-style script across it, too.



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