Saturday, November 27, 2010

And we wonder why everything is such a mess...

So, the business model of education doesn't work...

...yet this seemed like a good idea to Michael Bloomberg.

We are, as a nation, well and truly fucked.


  1. Not only that, we as College Misery are f*cked when Google places ads for systems that "check your writing for plagiarism" and "correct errors in your papers" in the sidebar. Fab? New Moderator? You need to fill up the Google Ads things with keywords we don't want the Adsense bot to react to. Plagiarism is one - paper mills and companies flogging "tools" to help avoid plagiarism (i.e. automatic rewriting programs) pay top dollar to advertise on university pages and such...

  2. I'm actually slightly heartened at the low graduation rates for nonprofits like the U of Phoenix. For one thing, it means that though students may be getting ripped off, they're not just given a grade and a diploma if they pay tuition.

  3. So let's check the numbers: 45-50 percent of public college students graduate while only 9 percent of the private college students graduate. I don't know what the average debt load of a college graduate is now, but the private school grads or drop-outs seem to have twice that amount.

    I never saw the private colleges as being worth it, mostly due to the cost when compared to even a community college in my state. Then there is the bugaboo of all private institutions, the ability to transfer credits from the private college to a public one; places like National University openly said some of the credits would not transfer. So I dodged private college; I'm guessing most of the dropouts from ITT Tech, U of Phoenix, and Coleman College wish they had too.

  4. I work for a "for profit" college as an adjunct, I need the money and not ashamed of it. I actually like the university, the people I work for are decent, they treat me like a human being, and the pay is good.

    One thing I wonder is why is no one looking at the quality of the student instead of the model of the university. I know that I get A LOT of students who are not ready for college level work in any way, shape of form. I think that a big plus of for profits is that it gives everyone the access to higher education, which let's face it, is something you have to have in today's job market. So maybe for profits are not the problem, instead it is building a safety net into the system to make sure they can do the work and teach them how to meet basic academic expectations.

  5. Suzy, get an add on ad blocker for your browser. (Ad Block Plus for Firefox is good and free.)I've never even seen an ad on CM.

    As for the NYC chancellor thing, arrgh...


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