Monday, November 1, 2010

From the Department of RTFS

I was cleaning out my email box today and thought I would share the best one with you. It was a hard decision, as there is lots of juicy stuff going on, but none of that is suitably anonymizable. How about this one? Only identifying info has been removed
I figured it would be difficult to talk to you before or after the lecture regarding this matter, so I'm writing an eMail.
First off, I'm a 3rd semester student who didn't participate in the exam in Intermediate Basketweaving last time. Last semester the lecturer was X, and he thought that he would be also teaching it this semester, at least that's what I believe. In any case, he told me I could write the exam in the next semester without having to enroll in the course, since I had handed in all the homework. However this turned out to be not possible (he sent me an eMail 2 weeks ago) and I wasn't checking my mails at that time, which is why I registered only one week ago. Right now, I intend to participate in your course, it's just that I don't know how you handle things.

Is attendance compulsory ? I usually skip lessons I don't like ...

Do you use Blackboard or Moodle ?
What about the exercises so far ? Can I still hand them in ? (Of course
first I would have to get to know what the exercises were ...)

Hope that'll clear things up for me.
Thank you and hear from you soon.
I pretty much answered each question with "Read the F***ing Syllabus!", even providing a link the first time. The next exercise is due in 31 minutes. Moodle is unforgiving, God bless her soul.

And honestly, we haven't met yet, but I hope you don't like my lectures.

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