Saturday, December 25, 2010

Holiday Roundup

Too Obvious Tammy: Yah, I know -- who'd have thunk that failing a mid-term miserably and nearly failing the final exam would have an adverse effect on your final grade? Yet you "don't understand what went wrong." Keep puzzling 'til your puzzler's sore.

Mnemonic Ned: You expected a better final grade and blame the final exam? But as a matter of fact you did alright on the final exam. It was that F on one of the mid-terms that brought down your final grade. Didja forget about that tiny little fact? Hello! Learn math.

Feelings Fiona: "But I *feel* I know the course material better than my grade represents." Yes, that's how we assess your work -- feelings. Objectivity? We disavow it. In the end, it's how *you* "feel" about things that matters, not the considered judgments of experienced professionals. In future, you should be allowed to assign your own grades to yourself. I'll draft a letter to this effect to the Dean right now.

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