Friday, December 24, 2010

Wrapping (paper) up a Shitty Semester

My mother-in-law sent a jewelry box as a Christmas gift for my daughter and thoughtfully included wrapping paper. The paper is pre-cut, pre-folded, and has peel-and-stick seams (according to QVC). There are even instructions printed on the paper (pay close attention to the middle image).

The paper design is not one of those shown by QVC, so I have included it below. When I first saw the instructions printed on the back of the paper, I couldn't help but think that even with such explicit directions, my students this semester would have had a difficult time completing the wrapping correctly. Then again, in this respect, the image is beyond appropriate.

I raise my glass of spiced rum infused eggnog (hold the eggnog) to you all.

Happy Holidays.


  1. I will also drink to that.

    Mathsquatch out.

  2. How apropos! Schools are trying to make us provide pre-cut, pre-folded, peel-and-stick education. We should just say no!

  3. I want that as a poster for my office...

  4. I love this! Happy christmas, little flakes.

  5. i drink way two much i got too slow down.


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