Saturday, January 29, 2011

bad saturday haiku


my idea: you
think it looks better on you.
i can do nothing.

after tenure, will
my soul recover from years
of arbitrary

malice, seemingly
endless politics, warfare
waged with knives and smiles?


"i don't understand!"
clearly. the spine of the book
cracks when it's opened.


my winter's heart sags,
the weight of the snowflakes--real,
student--pressing hard.


another meeting?
thank heavens! bureaucracy
is better than lunch!


  1. Brava! Brilliant as usual, in both thought and execution. I hope you feel better after writing these, since I sure enjoy reading them. And I hope the tenure decision goes well, and soon, and that things to get a bit better afterward (but not so much that you stop writing haikus).

  2. After tenure, you won't have to pay attention to student evaluations. Does -that- stir your soul?

    I still can't get over it, even though I was tenured five years ago. Oh, I still read them, because about 0.1% of the time there's useful information, but I can put them down and giggle. It's great!

  3. Sooo enjoyed this. Puh-leeze keep them coming.


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