Friday, February 18, 2011

Am I a bad person?

Am I a bad person? I really love reading about some knucklehead who gets tenure at a wonderful SLAC and then five months later is forced to resign because he's a fucking knucklehead. Does this mean I'm a bad person? Is this what they call a "guilty pleasure"? Is it horrible of me to relish such moments?

Well then so be it! I didn't laugh about anything this morning. Not once. Not even a single little giggle or chortle. Then I read this story about the recently-tenured "best professor" who is a fucktard... and I finally laughed my ass off. I thank him. I thank you, fellow CMers.

Please don't condemn me. I get satisfaction when those who give us a bad name are brought down.

Forgive me.


  1. Bubba, you aren't a bad person. You are neither a fucktard nor a pervert, like this guy. I mean, installing cameras in the womens' room? Didn't we outgrow that in, say, 10th grade?

    I almost feel sorry for the administrators who promoted him, and gave him the award. It just doesn't look good, or reflect well on their judgment, when a few months later he has to resign for being a pervert.

  2. I'm always glad when pervs get found out and have to "pay" for their deeds. Losing his entire career is adequate. It would be nice if there were criminal charges as well, resulting in a felony conviction that would keep him from yet more employment.

    It's especially satisfying that the crime was discovered by the students themselves. I hope they all sue him in civil court. If there is any indication that the school could or should have known about his "inclinations," the school should be sued too.

    Our no-longer-resident perv "resigned" as well. He'd been a bit more careful about his "indiscretions". He was clever about the students he abused. No pictures. No black box.

    He was a Harvard man. Maybe that explains it.

  3. First, just ewwwww. Second, if laughing at this idiot makes you a bad person, then I must be truly evil.

  4. I'm impressed with the critical thinking/investigative skills of the students and their handling of their problem. Gives one hope that some of them have some sense.

  5. Now, to be fair, Froderick, when I was in 10th grade a camera was the size of a desktop computer. I would have had no chance to get this out of my system.

    Wow, that's a bad dude. Beyond the illegality, immorality and all that, can't this guy just go on the internet for that kind of stuff? that kind of behavior is what undermines our nation's porn industry. And who the hell doesn't know to permanently delete stuff like that?

    It's especially funny that he resigned the same week as the d-bag from NYU said that ajournalist deserved to be sexually assulted in Egypt. Maybe these two guys can join a support group together.

  6. Save me a chair in hell, Bubba, because I too find these sorts of things deeply satisfying.

  7. if guys like this undermine our nation's porn industry, THE SOVIETS WILL WIN

  8. Froderick, there was a time when you did think it was okay to put cameras in the women's washroom?! I didn't realize this was something one had to outgrow. I'd assumed we know pretty much from birth that this is not okay.

    What is wrong with someone that he must go to such lengths and so jeopardize his career to see naked women? It's not that difficult to see naked women, is it?

    I too am impressed with how the students handled the situation.

  9. @issyvoo: When I was in 9th grade, certain acquaintances of mine got caught peeking into the girls' locker room. One of them later went to West Point. Another was later convicted of armed robbery. The third, who at the time had a large, orange Afro, inherited and successfully ran a thriving Florida real estate business, from right around the time he went almost totally bald. They were offered 3 days suspension, or 3 licks. The future West Pointer took the licks, which he said, "Hurt." I of course had nothing to do with any of this, because I was a nice, polite, well-raised young fellow, the sort one might hope to meet on a May morning. So, I didn't have to outgrow any of this: but I trust you know how some guys can be.

    @Ben: Small "spy" cameras that could be set to fire repeatedly until the end of the film became available in the 1930s, and may still be. Didn't you ever see the Johnson-Smith catalog?

  10. Finding a hole in the girls locker room is pretty much a standard guy fantasy from what I can tell. Haven't any of you guys seen "Porky's"? Or "Stripes"? There's not a big difference between peeping in on a locker room and taking pictures of it.

    You know, I get the peeping thing. I do. And I say this as a victim of a peeper. You show me a guy or even a gal, though this tends to be a guy thing) with a telescope or binoculars who--given the opportunity--wouldn't turn them on his neighbors--well, they're are tons of movies dealing with this, including "Rear Window".

    What's so disgusting about this guy is the "in loco parentis" thing, and the lengths he took to get illicit photographs of his charges.

    Yes, our students can be attractive (though in only a couple of cases, long ago, have I actually seen the appeal of one or two). And if they're wearing low-cut tops or Daisy Dukes of course most straight guys are going to have to stop themselves from staring. But going to byzantine lengths to set up a camera to take photos of them naked?

    His story was so fishy to begin with that he was obviously desperate to see those specific girls, and to see them when they did not know they were being observed. That was the thrill.

    Which is why porn wouldn't work for this guy. He's a twisted fellow.

  11. When he applies for his next job, he will say to them, "I had tenure. I wasn't fired. I quit. I'm an economist, of course, so I was doing some research on human behavior and I disagreed with the administration about whether I needed IRB approval for the data collection. Philosophical differences, you see. And I think your institution is a better fit for my progressive nature. You really do have a fine institution...."

  12. And he was visiting the far east! If he wanted to see naked girls of any age, couldn't he hop on a boat to Bangkok or something?

    Sure, the idea of seeing your students naked is appealing but dealing with the camera, USB cables, correcting for low light in the pictures, sheesh. What a hassle.

    This is all to say that the guy is an idiot, an asshole, a perv, a guy who don't appreciate the local (sex) culture around him and likes technology too much. I can't think of any more insults.

  13. I disagree that the idea of seeing one's students naked is appealing. Eeeewwww... It's almost as bad as seeing one's colleagues naked. I trust you've heard the advice that public speakers should visualize their audience naked? That's -terrible- advice.


    Okay. So I think the worst thing I've done whilst in any position of authority on a study abroad trip was the time that I got really, really, really falling-down-drunk with a guy who was a veteran of the Recent Conflict In Starvistan and who was telling me about killing people of another religion. In detail. No students were present.

    The only impact on students was that two of them wanted to go to church services in a very tony suburb of Notamyproblem (the capital of Starvistan) and instead of driving them myself, I put them in a taxi owned by the company I use most often and also let the taxi bring them back to the hotel.

    I had no need to set up secret cameras to see them naked, as they ran about in practically no clothes in the hotel anyway.

    This dude is a piece of work.

  15. Stella, wait, what?! I have a telescope and binoculars and seriously have never considered using them on the neighbors. I actually do not get the peeper thing.

  16. @ Frog and Toad:

    Watch "Rear Window" again, a movie that totally "gets" the "peeper thing".


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