Friday, February 11, 2011

The word of the day is...

Hi you guys, "Samantha" here! I've been really busy. Writing all the posts you see here, under several dozen pseudonyms, is a full-time job. I can't even spell "Stravinikov" half the time. Also, writing as "Yaro" is time consuming. It's tough to adopt the persona of a charming old-world fellow whose clothes are worn when you're a sassy young Forever 21 shopper like me.

Plus, moderating College Misery as "Leslie" and making all these rude anonymous posts, and then deleting them myself, and then complaining to myself about how unfair I am to myself? Whew, is that ever exhausting. No wonder I sleep so well at night!

Anywho. Here is a new cartoon. You can click on it to see a larger version. Sorry it's been so long; with everything going on that I described above, you can IMAGINE the trouble I've had finding time to break out the mini-Sharpies and colored pencils.

I hope I can forgive myself when I comment under a bunch of my other pseudonyms below.

xox Sam


  1. I love you, Sam...or, I love myself, which is correct.

  2. Sam and Yaro on the same day!!!!

  3. Samantha, this is hilarious. Nicely done. You should publish this - I mean even more widely than CM.

  4. Sam's back! Hurrah! And with a very funny (and true) cartoon, *plus* an equally funny accompanying text. I was hoping you would reappear soon, in part because I was thinking that a cartoon of anonymous dreaming us all up, a la the famous image of Dickens, might be amusing. But this is even better.

    Among the questions in the cartoon, I'm especially fond of "will you change my tires?" and "do you want fries with that?" The possibility that some of us might end up changing tires, or asking "do you want fries with that?" ourselves, in a quest to make up for money lost due to furloughs and other financial woes just adds an additional level of complexity.

    And yes, you really should submit this elsewhere as well. Do the Chronicle or IHE ever publish cartoons?

  5. Could you read this before I turn it in?

    Indeed. That's the one I always get. "But," I, Kimmie, say, "If you hand it to me, it IS turned in."


  6. Oops. I overlooked those usually overlooked peons in Student Services.

    Wait. I did not, in fact. NONE of THEM has EVER said- yea even thought- "That foul, negative utterance which cannot be voiced."

    And whoa unto those of THEM that do, for THEY are not of Friendly-Orientation-CUstomer-Student-Service (FOCUSS) mindset and shall be shunned by their more FOCUSSed colleagues.

  7. "Could you read this before I turn it in?"

    I try to stifle Joker-like laughter on this one, as well as...

    "Can't I have another chance?"

    No soup for you.

  8. "Can we have a sample paper?"

    In your dreams, sweethearts ...

  9. Yay - I love these cartoons :)

    Samantha is one of my favorite MIA CMers.

    Another is Marcia Brady. What happened to her? I don't think she was a "correspondant", but she commented a lot. I thought she just wandered off during the holidays but would be back, but no :(

  10. I missed your cartoons! WB

    And I always say "sure" when I'm asked to look over a paper beforehand. But I add the warning that I will only be looking for general things to make suggestions, and that I am not editing it for typos, etc. Basically I look at it to "see if they're on the right track", make suggestions as to what sections to expand or delete, etc.

    To be fair, I only have maybe 4-8 students doing this a semester, and it's a 4-5 page paper so the added workload is minimal.


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