Friday, February 25, 2011

Law Students Are Funny (?)


  1. the very last part of the 3rd video, about outlines - fucking hilarious (although, you probably needed to date someone in law school to get the hilarity...).

    I see your comments in here and you’re talkin’ some shit, and I’m like fuck yoooooou.
    Won’t give yourself a handle and you’re bein’ a dick, and I’m like fuck yoooooou and you’re trolling toooooo.
    Maybe what you said heeere
    Was bein’ misread heeere . . .
    We know that’s bullshit!
    When I look down at the thread
    I notice you’re at the head, and I’m like fuck yoooooou.
    Got yourself believin’
    Just because you’re readin’
    You’ve got the right to flame all that’s on the board.
    No one gives a god damn
    That you really hate this site
    Just stop you’re trollin’ or you’ll get your just reward.
    You’re really a fooooooooool
    Who no one will listen to
    (Oh shit he’s heeeere now
    He’ll fuck with this somehow.)
    Oooooooh ooooooh, I got some news for you
    No one gives a fuck what you think, we’re here for fun.
    And I’m like fuck yoooooou.

  3. Laptop for "Hah hah, fuck learning!" I died.


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