Tuesday, February 22, 2011

tuesday: miserable haiku


what do you want from
me? i, bottomfeeder, teach
again: subject, verb.


the returning snow
fills the little hollow place
that once housed desire.


"why you so hard? what's
wrong with you? this is bullshit."
i am overpaid.


the coffee smells like
elevation in a cup.
sadly deceiving.


  1. The second one is genuinely good, I think. I know that feeling too, when suffering (of one sort or another, including work) kills desire.

  2. Oh, I like #1. So sorry, Greta. I hope, at least, that it's very good coffee there in #4.

  3. I love number II
    Its nostalgia is touching
    My heart's cold places

  4. II is a classic, and makes me hope that spring isn't too far away, in your clime or in mine (at least the sun is getting noticeably stronger here, though the temperatures are still bouncing all over the place, and landing in the low digits more often than not). And III captures all too well the effect our students (who have their own travails) can have on us. I hope the coffee, however, deceptive, sees you through for the moment, and that spring (and perhaps some more validating encounters) is on its way.

  5. Love these...if we could get you and Sam to publish a two-ended book, then we'd have something.


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