Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hookup Update.

UChicago Hookups Expands, Changes Name

Who knew there was a lucrative market in helping college students get laid? UChicago Hookupshas expanded past Hyde Park, changing the website name to eduHookups and widening its reach to Northwestern and Columbia College Chicago. eduHookups is also set to make an Ivy League invasion by launching for Brown University April 4.
eduHookups have also expanded their ads to now incorporate students looking for serious and platonic relationships. But the booming business is still in the casual encounters section. With ads such as "Let Me Fuck the Nerd Out of You," "Will Screw Anyone Before 2 a.m.," "Kill my time (but not me, please)," and some guy who's looking for three women of "Asian decent" [sic] so he can blow their minds with a box of doughnut holes and four feet of fishing line.

That's a college education put to good use.
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  1. Goodie. More reasons to pity and envy college students.

  2. At least there's a useful fact (factoid?) included in that screen capture.

  3. What I'm afraid of is that this will become some sort of business like Adult Friend Finder and in ten years they'll make a movie out of it ("The Humping Network starring Ron Jeremy.")

  4. So, any bets on how many of these ads are really by "pros" looking to drum up a little business??

  5. MAM: None of the men, all of the women!


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