Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Lazy Undergrads hurt the Economy

I know you hate links to articles, but I'm lazy.

I think the data is flawed. It claims .8 hours for grooming, but only 1 hour for eating and drinking? There is nowhere near enough drinking going on.


  1. When I was going to Northeastern Ghetto Tech the weekends began on Thursday night and didn't end until Sunday morning. I saw students crawling on dorm hallway floors, flipped tables in the study nook, and students looking bleary-eyed on Monday morning. That is the one great thing about community college: without dorms, any drinking or drugging is done off campus, or is confined to the "hidden toker's spot" (every campus has one or several.)

  2. Pfft. That article doesn't know what it's talking about! It's more like:

    Sleep: 9 hours
    Fantasizing about Vampires: 4.6 hours
    Eating and drinking: 2.8 hours
    Grooming: 3 hours
    Other: 2.5 hours
    Talking about what jerks the profs are: 1.9
    Educational activities: 0.2 hours

  3. Sparkly vampires: a curse to the occult.

    May Cthulu eat them all.


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