Friday, April 1, 2011

The Miami U (Ohio) 4 Unveiled.

Happy April Fool's Day, everyone.

As long suspected, this whole blog is written by and for the 4 of us, 4 Miami University of Ohio proffies. We just have a blast cracking each other up. We got an email once from someone who said they read the page, too, but we figured it was just span.

Anyway, we thought we'd introduce ourselves in case anyone else was reading along.

Leslie Outen (Philosophy)
I do the formatting. I try to make the fonts hard to read, and the colors a pain.

Ben Malfi (Poli Sci)
I spend most of my day making up comments and then posting them under a bunch of names. Strelnikov is my favorite sub-identity.

Reg (W.) Wilhelm (English)
Like most English proffies, I have loads of time, so I scour the internet for stupid Shizzles and marginally-related news articles that I cut and paste into the blog.

Fr. James Jessam (Religion)
I'm Yaro.


  1. This is the topper!!! And not just because I got name-checked.

    Good job Terry P!

    Best post of the day.

  2. Stop updating! I have to grade essays.

    I've been cracking up all morning. As Reg says, this is the best.

  3. Oh, I read on the downlow and have never posted or commented.

    But you people are absolutely the best. What a fun site. I came for the misery, but today...ahh...ecstasy.

  4. Nothing can top the "creepy" Yaro post below, but this is the closet. Have a great day everyone. NOW STOP UPDATING THE PAGE...I have to go to class and don't want to miss anything.

  5. That last line of this post...

    What a great day! Everyone have fun.

  6. Yea! That's me on the left.

    No, my left; you're right. Wait, wat? The second one left. That one; hem.

  7. Well done. I actually AM at Miami U (what we sometimes call the "real" one,) and I first learned of your page after a colleague forwarded me the earlier posting or comment that made the Miami claim. I have to admit we seriously thought it might be the case because there are a number of noted cranks, comics, and kooks here in beautiful Oxford.

    But this post really does complete a nice run of April Fool's Day posts.

    Like "Finals Looming," I'm a long time lurker.

    I don't care HOW this page gets made; just keep chunking it out. It's a saving grace most days.

  8. That's one nutty college.

  9. as an Ohio U alum this only confirms my opinion of the weenies in Oxford... 8-P

  10. This is *exactly* how I pictured the people running this site, but with less hair.

  11. "Ben Malfi"....slightly better than "Heywood Jablome." Photo looks like Richard Dreyfuss' creepy cousin, the one who polishes bowling balls for a living.

    honest_prof, I always thought you looked like Einstein, but without the hair.

  12. I still think the Strelnikov "takeover" tops anything today, but that's partly because it had the element of surprise. All in all, a very satisfactory first of April. Thanks to everyone who made it possible!

    But I'm a bit confused: if he writes most of the comments, am I Ben? or Reg (also in English)? or Leslie (the only female)? Or even Fr. Jessam (common religious interests)? Or maybe all of them depending on "my"/their mood at the moment?

    Whoever I am, I'm with DK and ELS: the page is a bit *too* readable today. My Friday to-do list is threatening to spill over onto the already-long-enough weekend one. Do the Miami 4 grade their alter-egos' papers, by any chance?

  13. From now on, I'm picturing Yaro as Fr. James.
    . . . and ignoring all the references to "Mrs. Yaro." They were just meant to throw us off the track, right?

  14. "Geniosity" is my new favorite word.

    Love this! And all of today's postings. Thanks for helping me make it to Friday, everyone!

  15. Fr. Jessam writes ALL my comments; we had a "thing" when I used to attend Yippie meetings in his dorm at St. Bonnie's...


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