Tuesday, May 3, 2011

hungry humpday haiku (bad, of course)


i sit, grade, sigh, yearn.
the sun taunts those who ignore
her nourishing rays.


you, so concerned. weeks,
absent. even the spring wind
blows with direction.


  1. I sit, grade, sigh, yawn
    until I see your haiku
    and life is so sweet

  2. I can identify with both. It's shaping up to be a beautiful day outside, but I'm just gazing out at it while answering emails from students who want to know their "present grade in the class," but couldn't be bothered to finish a draft of their major project in time to get the preliminary grade that would have given them some solid information about the minimum grade they would get (with room to go higher through revision).

    The inquiries seem to be prompted by the fact that, too exhausted to do anything else late yesterday afternoon, I banged out grades on a bunch of little participation assignments worth, cumulatively with all the other little participation assignments during the semester (of which there are many), 15% of their final grades. So I'm getting lots of inquiries about those, and relatively few about the papers I exhausted myself commenting on. Sigh.


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