Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My Tutor Friend? Today's VidShizzle.


  1. At least the parents care and are putting their money where their mouths are. More than I can say for some students.

  2. I truly love this. It's insane. It makes One Tree Hill look like Sophie's Choice.

  3. This is one of those YouTube finds where it's impossible to tell if it's wholly sincere, or just so cleverly cynical that no mortal can unlock it.

    When the tutor gets hit in the head and collapses, my jaw dropped. This is ACTING!

  4. Oh, and one MUST read the video description on YouTube. (There are 2 other parts!)

    My Tutor Friend is about a touching story of two completely different students from two completely different worlds. One is a rich male repeating his third year of high school and the other a poor girl in her second year of university struggling to make ends meet.

    Kwon Sang-woo - Kim Ji-hoon - is a troubled and wealthy third year high school student who was hired a tutor to help him complete his high school requirements.
    Kim Ha-neul - Choi Su-wan - comes from a modest lower middle class family. She is a second year college student that is hired to tutor Ji-hoon in order for him to complete his high school requirements.
    Baek Il-seob - Ji-hoon's father - his father sent Ji-hoon to America as a child and now threatens to send him back there if he does not turn around his bad behavior and begin to get good grades.
    Kim Ji-woo - Ho-Kyeong - Ji hoon's girlfriend who is attracted to him because of the fights he gets into.
    Gong Yoo - Jong-Soo - Ji hoon's nemesis who he is constantly feuding with during the movie.

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  6. Damn you! Now I'm hooked.

    From Wikipedia:

    This film was written by Jo Jung-hun, Ahn Eun-a, and Choi Won and was produced by Baek Jong-Jin through Prime Entertainment. This film was the third best selling Korean film of 2003 and was able to attract over 5 million movie goers.

    My Tutor Friend topped the box office for five weeks straight. Viewers immediately loved the movie which was similar to My Sassy Girl released in 2001. While this film may not be an example of a classic in Korean cinema, it possesses a definitive Korean charm. The film leans towards being a romantic comedy combined with action sequences which keeps the movie exciting. Fans enjoyed the film for the two attractive lead characters and their chemistry. Ha-Neul Kim is said to be quirky and sweet while Sang-Woo Kwon is very rebellious and is attractive. The warm reception of My Tutor Friend was not universal, and there have also been negative reviews. Some critics believe that the second half of the film seemed forced with a slower pace compared the first half. Many reviews also criticize this film for having an average plot, characterizing it as merely another teenage high school film.

  7. Just finished watching the entire movie. It was awesome and I'm really wondering why it wasn't a hit here.

  8. Because we don't have the "cram school" culture the Japanese and Koreans have....the only Kumon tutoring center in my area closed its doors months ago.


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