Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is the last week of classes for us (we are on the quarter system). Next week brings the dreaded final exams and grade grubbers will emerge from the woodwork and bowels of hell.

It has been almost four weeks since we had the midterm exam. I woke up to THIS email, with a request I haven't had before:

"Um. I did'nt do well on the midterm and am wondering if it would help my grade at all to provide an explanation of what I meant to write. If I clarified what my answers meant to say, you would be able to provide more points.
Delusional Dan


  1. I laughed at "Um. I did'nt...," though I realize that's the least of Danny's problems.

  2. Time is relative: they've paid no attention to anything that's happened in your class since the midterm, so it's still fresh in their minds as if it happened only yesterday!

  3. Dear Dan,

    You are destined to be forced into cultivating your liver at some foie-gras farm somewhere in France.

  4. "When I wrote 'penguins are the shit' I mean to write 'penguins are a group of aquatic, flightless birds living almost exclusively in the southern hemisphere, especially in Antarctica.' I hope that clarifies my answer for you and you can now award me the points I deserve."

  5. I've had too many students argue about what they meant by their responses, so I've added, "I will grade what you write, not what you meant," to the instructions on my exams. I also explain to them that part of a test is being able to explain clearly what you know.

  6. Dear Dan,

    I meant to give you an F for that, but my pen slipped and it came out a D. Lucky you!


  7. Dear DD,

    Tell you what. If you compose a rap explaining what you meant and perform it for the entire class I will allow the class to assign your grade. Deal?

  8. And dress up in a tutu to perform the rap!


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