Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Today's VidShizzle: What Students Actually Hear.


  1. Yep. [Shaking my head with wonder at how perceptive this is.]

    "Technology. Technology. Technology. Men and women. Volleyball. Well-rounded."

    A challenge: What do students actually hear in class?

  2. It's the corporate-college version of the father on "Taz-mania"..."Well you know son, (smidge of relevant material) yakety-schmakety-blah-blah....[Taz does something to break the verbal diarreha.]"

    At least on the cartoon the father sounded like Bing Crosby; this guy sounds like the head of an Italian plastics firm.

  3. Remember the teachers in the Charlie Brown specials? "Wah wah wah." That's all that was heard.

  4. This is what I hear at conferences and committee meetings now.
    Solution: bourbon.


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