Saturday, May 28, 2011

Who Else Would We Trust the Keys to For the Summer?


The History Lesson


  1. I'd be curious, Fab, if you're there, how the hits are now that May is over. I found at RYS that mid May was like a cliff. The hits dropped, and the mail cut in half - of course the mail was everything back then, since we moderated the page.

    But the hits since you all started have been great and very consistent. What are you finding now that "summer" (at least for many proffies) is here?

    Compound Cal

    PS: And you're joshing about Cash, aren't you? Never let those Waves into the building.

  2. Are you fucking kidding me?! Cash? You are out of your god damned mind. The last summer he had the password for RYS, he let anybody in. There were no moderators at all. It was an open forum. He let anybody post on the page. It was like, um, ... Hmmm. Well, I can't think of any websites that are similar to that.

    Who knows? Maybe it could work out ok.

  3. Hi Cal.

    In early May we were logging what has become about normal numbers, around 7500-8000 page views on weekdays, and about 4500-5000 on weekend days.

    In the past week we had between 4500-5200 page views on weekdays.

    I also sort of track peak hourly page views. Normally our biggest hours are between 10 am and 2 pm eastern. And during April, for example, we'd often have single hours with page views of 600+. This past week, the highest single hour we had was 458 at 2 pm Tuesday. And since then we've only topped 400/hr a couple of times. Today, for example, our peak was noon with only 250 page views in that hour.

    I'd say what you experienced about the drop off at RYS is what we're seeing here, although we did get through May at near-normal numbers.

    I know some folks don't like to talk hits and pageviews, but I confess that I'd like our ideas to reach as large an audience as possible, because I really think we have some useful and clever shit to share...hahaha.

    I don't know what the summer will hold.


    PS: The Cash thing was just a light joshing. Cal has assured me a number of times that Cash was real - indeed from Pepperdine (he admitted it many times. But I haven't heard from him, and imagine I will have no problem keeping the page going (and ruining the design) while Yaro and the missus chill out up there in Utah.

  4. I'm playing the UK Surf version of "Wave of Mutilation" 50 times straight because Cash ain't comin' back.

  5. Too bad. Fab is great but I liked the effect that the RYS moderators' strong personalities had on the page.

  6. What? Cash isn't coming back? But I loved Cash! Cash, come home! Okay, home has moved and we didn't leave a forwarding address - it doesn't mean we don't miss you!

  7. Hey Cash. We missed you while you were in rehab. Come back to Earth, take back the reins, and let's have some fun. We'll talk you through your flashbacks, don't worry.

  8. The irony is that, despite being in So Cal, Pepperdine is just about as (neo)conservative in some ways as a university can get...
    Fight the power, Cash, and come home; all is forgiven!


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