Monday, July 18, 2011


  1. This page is dead. Losers. (First! Yee Haw!)

  2. It's just the Summer slump....meanwhile, in the real world, Rupert Murdoch is fighting for his (business) life, not knowing that we would probably trade him to North Korea for all the Rice-A-Roni packets in all the 99 cent stores in America, if the DPRK showed off its Doomsday Device (a catapult for launching starving farmers into China and South Korea.)

    I still want to say that the bloody fiasco that is the Libyan Civil War is not what I wanted; I was hoping that Gazzafi would buy a clue, figure out that 30+ years was long enough, and walk away to a life of uselessness like the Vietnamese Emperor. He wants to go out like Hitler in `45, the damned leader of a damned country that nobody* seems to give a damn about.


    * Except for Ted Rall, those dicks over at Sp!ked Online, and the op-ed writers of

  3. On vacation.
    I,ll check you next week

  4. I'm glad to see evidence that some academics are still able to turn their attention away from teaching, administration, and their attendant miseries during the summer. I fear that, in another decade or two, most of us will be tending an online assembly line 24/7/52. That would be good for the blog, but bad for everything else, including our students' educations.


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