Monday, July 25, 2011

Hey, Grant Bitch, If you can't distribute information in a timely fashion...

stop being such a fucking bitch. 

I know the Two Whiny Bitches had you wrapped around their little fingers because "It's very stressful when students don't receive feedback regularly.  You need to distribute information in a timely fashion."  I know that compelling argument does carry truth.  And I know the definition of "timely" might vary between you, me and them.  But when you sent me two bitchy e-mails per day over the holiday weekend demanding their final grades, though their final work hadn't been in my in-box more than a day, I thought you were going to DISTRIBUTE THE FUCKING INFORMATION IN A TIMELY FASHION!!!!!!

If my less than a week turn-around rate is too slow for YOUR definition of "timely", then what the fuck is THREE WEEKS!!!

Give them their god damned grades so they leave me alone.  You wanted control over that information so no one could skip town without doing your god damned satisfaction survey so you could justify your fucking grant.  So fine, the ball is in your court.  But I know the little bitches did that fucking survey (they probably found more time to do the survey than they had all semester to do work, because it was an opportunity to trash me) so, not to be too redundant here, but, GIVE THEM THEIR FUCKING GRADES!!!!!!!!


  1. Little do you know, but they process requests using an Altair 8800 and their teletypwriter terminal shorted out.

    Oh the humanity...

  2. People like Grant Bitch justify their existences by leaving stacks of papers on their desks as long as possible, making it look like they're working. What she doesn't seem to realise is that we want papers off of our desks ASAP since we don't get paid extra for the time it takes to mark them after finals are done. That, and having that kind of filth on our desks is unsanitary.

  3. Grant Bitch is what became of Travel Bitch when admin decided that faculty travel is too expensive to justify.


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