Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It Is I, Yaro.

He is a gentleman I've not met, yet, without doubt, I, Yaro, feel as though I know him, his humor, his intelligence, his joie de vivre.

I imagine, and this must be universal, that he must be something like me, since we find ourselves in the same locale, at times nonplussed by our young charges.

Upon this spot yesterday I saw that he would leave us, and I wish him well. We all know his name. I feel foolish saying it now for some reason. He will always be CM Citizen #1 to me. May you find yourself a good book, a fine mate, a stiff drink, and the wherewithal to know which needs attention when, my friend.


  1. Yes, thanks for serving, Fab. Your regime was well appreciated by many of us.

  2. He was the first and the best, and he will be missed...I hope he comes around again. His avatar always made me smile. He admitted he was new to the blog world in the beginning, but I think he was, well, Fab...


  3. I have noticed that the new moderator's post is already missing. Is this an April Fool's joke?

  4. Well done on a great first year, you fabulous and sunny man! I see we're closing in on 2 million hits, and reaching it much faster than RYS did - you know, back in the old days.

    Welcome to Gordon Presto, you sexy beast. May CM continue to thrive.

  5. come back Fab come back! we'll be good!! We promise!!!

  6. I confess,
    I used the "back channel"
    communication to query
    on what's happened.

    Yesterday, like a gossamer in a rainstorm,
    the posts announced our leader
    was leaving, not for any dramatic reason -
    thank goodness -
    but merely for lack of time.

    The new moderator,
    he with yesterday's shirtless avatar (!)
    is taking over.

    He was one of us,
    but is bowing out of correspondent class
    for the upper echelon, the BIG job.

    I got a nice note in return,
    and sent my thanks privately
    to CM Citizen #1 (thank you, Yaro)
    which I believe will be forwarded.

    On course.

    Was Leslie K offered the gig?
    Someone here knows they ran her off.

    Yet the fab one made it through
    the growing year,
    the pains of development,
    the skirmishes.

    He was even-keeled
    when we were not.

    I salute him,
    in my own way,
    listing a bit.

  7. O Fab, we hardly knew ye.

    But welcome Gordon Presto.

  8. How did I miss this?!

    Thank you, Fab--thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Thank you, too, Prof. Presto, for agreeing to moderate. Welcome to your new role here at CM.

    And hey Yaro--a hearty midsummer hello!

  9. Let me add my voice to those thanking Fab for yeoman service, even in the face of some objectively weird and disturbing shit. Don't be a stranger.

  10. CM has never been without a damn fine majordomo.

  11. Dang, I missed this too! Fab, thank you for your time, your calmness and those smart, funny videos.

    Gordon Presto, can I see that sexy avatar please? Oh, and welcome (though it sounds as if you've been one of our number already).

  12. Yikes! I tune out for a day or three, and things happen (and then disappear). A belated "thank you" to Fab, and welcome and thanks also to Prof. Presto, with or without shirt.


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