Monday, September 26, 2011

It's everywhere!

It's not just students... but we knew that, didn't we?

A short post from the director of a theater company:
I placed an ad last week for an actor to play a part in an upcoming television series. I got an email from one guy and offered him a slot last Friday, audition by appointment, any time during the day or evening he could make it. "I've got to work," he tersely replied, and suggested no alternate dates.

Then I placed another ad this week. He applied again. I offered him 9:30 am this Friday (Sept. 23). He made the appointment, then emailed me late tonight (Thursday, Sept. 22) saying, "I've got to cancel. I've got to work."

When I told him I would not reschedule him, that two attempts were all I was going to make to audition him, he wrote back (and I swear I am not making this up, it's a copy and paste, punctuation and all) ...

"you should respect the artists personal life before your own selfish need. Dont reply back to me unless you are mature enough to understand my side."
Leaves me just shaking my head; my students are (Gott sei dank) not this bad.

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  1. proof: the page is dead.

  2. Bring us the corpse, anon, and let us feast.

  3. old anonymous! if this one is the original (Terry Franklin), then he had the first comment EVER on this blog...

    welcome back, old friend. nothing gets my blood moving better than your irregular visits and one-track message!


  4. No, actually, I think he's right - the link to the page isn't correct. It should be not :)

  5. OK, maybe there's some other issue here - but regardless, the link doesn't work. Alas.

  6. Here it is again:

  7. Link worked fine right out of the post.

    And wow. Just wow.

  8. A broken link!?! On the interwebz!?!?! I'm shocked, SHOCKED! I don't know who to trust anymore.

  9. Link worked for me...

    Actors need flexible schedules and work they can drop like a hot rock when the next bit of acting work comes along. It sounds like the guy in the blog wants to fish while cutting bait, and as the grandson of a pier fisher all I can say is "It don't work like that."

  10. Link is working now! Hooray! Now I can make sure to get all the snark I was missing with just the snark preview.

  11. What Strelnikov said. I used to teach near L.A. and had students who were trying to make it in "The Industry" who would cut class (even exams) for any audition. It was common for them to withdraw multiple times before being able to finish a class (which in a way was a letdown for them because it meant 15 weeks of unemployment).


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