Thursday, September 29, 2011

more bad haiku

In autumn, the geese
come back from the north. Their calls
are winter's fanfare.

Returning students
flock and call like raucous gulls,
heralding grading.

My next analogy
would link the dean's office with
ravens (croak! more work!).
So perhaps I'd better stop here.


  1. I like the student/gull analogy, the descending progression of order, grace and musicality, and the switch to the meta-level in the last stanza. If one were being entirely fair to administrators, one would probably have to include the state legislature, Congress, and/or accrediting agencies from whom the demands that produce more work come (hawks, perhaps, or buzzards?), but yes, it may be just as well to stop rather than going there.

  2. And one fateful day we all shall turn one you like a Hitchcock horror and it shall rain from the ivory towers with blood and feathers.

  3. The post titles always say "bad" haiku, but I often find them evocative or at least clever. In this case, I like both the haiku and Cassandra's literary criticism.

    But what does a scientist know about poetry?


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