Monday, October 31, 2011

And they ask me why I drink...

A student retaking my freshman chemistry class informed me that he missed class this morning because it was raining.  Yes, indeed, it was raining, Scooter, buckets and buckets.  How do I know?  Because I was here, in class with all (ok, most) of your very wet classmates.  Buckets and buckets it was raining.

I relate this episode to you not to get sympathy for my squeaky, smelly, soaking wet shoes.  No, I want you to know that he concluded his tale of woe by saying, "So you agree that it was raining then the excuse is legitimate" and then walked out of my office with a wave.

I'm stuck in a meeting this afternoon so somebody, please, start drinking this away for me.  I promise to catch up in an hour or so.


  1. That deserves one of those action-movie cliches; he walks away and you shoot him in the back. "The rain legitimizes NOTHING!" you spit out.

    Booze won't make this go away, but an "F" will.

  2. I totally got this excuse earlier in the term. I was like o.0.

  3. The weather does seem to thwart college students more than it once did. The cold. The fog. The rain. My favorite is when a storm affects where they're FROM. As if they are all weather empaths.

    And I have to share this old Yaro post on excuses - WHERE THE HELL IS HE, by the way!

  4. Why do I love to drink so much?
    It’s not just the beverage, the tranquil lake of heaven,
    Nor the sleek bottle, the elegant stroke of Vinci,
    Nor the aroma, Michelangelo’s masterpiece.

    It is the heart of the alcohol,
    Kind and pure, confident and strong,
    It is the drunkenness,
    Ripple of the clear spring,
    Irrigating my arid heart.

  5. I got this one a few years ago from a student living on campus. "But, Blogless, I don't have an UMBRELLA!" Oooookaaaay, so?

  6. "And I have to share this old Yaro post on excuses - WHERE THE HELL IS HE, by the way!"

    You expect the academic Christ to show up on the Night of the Festival of Costumed Creeps?

    My question is: where the Hell is The Devil Himself? This is his moment and he's blowing it.

  7. Don't forget: this is Yaro's final year. He is on the edge of retirement. I imagine the misery is becoming nostalgia.

  8. "But, Blogless, I don't have an UMBRELLA!"

    I should be surprised by this, but I'm not. I walk before breakfast some mornings for exercise. The weather's getting a bit nippy now and I see them waiting for the bus in baggy shorts and flip-flops. I'm in sweatpants and a fleece jacket. So now, along with not stressing that education is important, parents aren't telling them that dressing for the weather isn't important.

    The point is, why is no one teaching these flakes to think?

  9. @Gary "The point is, why is no one teaching these flakes to think?"

    Because (as My Little Proffie points out a few posts on) the Adminflakes can't measure 'thinking', and therefore it is not a legitimate educational goal!

  10. R and/or G, please don't think I meant that as another thing for the overloaded proffies to do. The question would have been better phrased by asking why, in the eighteen years preceding their entrance into college had no one, especially their parents, taught them to think.

    Apparently, too many of them have been catered to for their entire lives. Forgot your lunch/homework/gym shoes? That's okay, Mummy will bring it to school rather than have you endure the consequences of your lack of responsibility.


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