Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Berkeley Shooting.

Armed Student Dies in Police Shooting on Berkeley Campus
By Josh Keller
for the Chronicle

An armed man who was shot dead by a police officer on Tuesday at the University of California at Berkeley's business school was an undergraduate student, a campus spokesman said on Wednesday.

The 32-year-old student, Christopher Nathen Elliot Travis, was reported to the police on Tuesday afternoon when he was seen with a gun in an elevator at the Haas School of Business, officials said. When police officers found him moments later in a nearby computer laboratory, he pointed the gun at them and was shot by a single police officer, the police said. Mr. Travis died later at a local hospital, said the spokesman, Dan Mogulof.

The shooting, which officials said was the first on Berkeley's campus since the 1980s, does not appear to be connected to a large student protest that was being held on a different part of the campus at the same time. Mr. Travis was in his first semester taking business courses at Berkeley, Mr. Mogulof said.

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  1. Allegedly C.N.E. Travis had "a history of mental illness", to borrow a media cliche. Another cliche I think applies to the Berkeley campus fuzz is "trigger happy."


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