Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Search Committees Wonder: "Should We Fuck Him or Just Hire Him?"


  1. That's Andrew Ross, right?

    If Adam is Andrew Ross, he gets to wear jeans to the interview (though there will still be people on the committee that think he's trying to say "Fuck you, I'm better than this job").

    And also: no woman or person of color could ever, ever, ever get away with wearing jeans to an interview. Ever.

  2. @Frog and Toad. "And also: no woman or person of color could ever, ever, ever get away with wearing jeans to an interview. Ever." Yes, you're right, absolutely. And that continues on some campuses even after employment, tenure, and promotion.

  3. OMG I laughed 'til I wept.

    (FWIW, I'm female, and I wear jeans and t-shirts to teach all the time. I wouldn't have interviewed in them though. But my dept is a little more tolerant than most. It helps too that at least one prof is disheveled enough to keep the heat off the rest of us.)

  4. How did you find a picture of me at last year's commencement?

    Oh, and my jeans are 38/32, not the size zeroes that handsome devil is sporting.


  5. Sure looks like Andrew Ross, c. 1989. Presumably he's aged a bit by now? And has the "extreme academic cool" look changed that little? At some point, the late 20/early 30 somethings are going to be poking fun at the all-black euro-look as what old farts wear. Maybe they are already, and we just haven't noticed?

  6. I love job season. My department made up a nice "how to interview packet" a couple of years ago, and one of the articles was an old RYS one about what can go wrong. Maybe you'll find some good info in here:


  7. Hijack:

    I love the middle of the day when sometimes the page goes through a dozen format changes...

    I feel like I'm really getting my money's worth.

    And where did Dr. Crazy's post go and where did the VidShizzle go?

    If people don't like them, they shouldn't read them or bitch about them.

    What a bunch of fucking blog Nazis.

  8. @Kimmie: I'm not sure about the vidshizzle, but for background on why CM doesn't repost stuff from Dr Crazy, see the results of this search . Something very weird happened, it's still not clear (at least to me) exactly what, but it seems best that CM and Dr Crazy do not mix. Among other things, dealing with the fallout is the sort of thing that wears out moderators, and we can't afford to wear RGM1 out too soon, since it's not at all clear that there's a willing RGM2 to be found.

    At least that's my take, based on absolutely no information beyond what has transpired publicly on the page.

  9. And if the moderator would prefer that even the comment above not appear on the page, the better to keep the peace, he/she should feel free to delete it.

  10. Cal took his own vidshizzle down for reasons I do not know.

    Hiram took the Dr. Crazy post after he said he was clued in to the past problems with Crazy / Katie / whatever by a comment left by another correspondent.

    I've heard from a number of people in the first couple of weeks of my time here about what should and shouldn't be on the blog. I'm quite averse to getting involved in that. (I'm absolutely amazed at how much mail comes in with community members's suggestions for what is wrong with the blog, what is wrong about individual corresponders and commenters, etc. I always though it was part of the blog apocrypha. But it's probably worse and more voluminous than you can imagine. And most of it comes from the most active people on the page - not all, of course!)

    Blog members act on their own, and I will do everything I can to not get in the way of what they do.

    Outstanding rules violations will be dealt with in the manner of other moderators.


  11. I thought it was Jason Schwartzman. But if it is Andrew Ross, it is seriously dated. He's pretty wrinkly these days. As for whether he should get to wear what he likes, he caused so much unnecessary mischief for my field back in the day, that I'd just as soon shoot him as interview him.

  12. At some universities, hiring him would be equivalent to fucking him, and not in a fun way.


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