Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Thanks to Many Readers For This Link. (Graphic Video.)

OU Professor Accused Of Questionable Medical Practices On Students
Adrianna Iwasinski, News 9
OKLAHOMA CITY -- Using students as guinea pigs and making deals with companies to make money off his research. These are serious allegations against an OU professor.
A former teaching assistant is speaking out about the questionable experiments. This graduate student and several others went to the university to report what they say are questionable practices.
Now that professor is on a leave of absence, and another professor has left the university as well. And we must warn you, some of the video and pictures in this story are graphic.
The graduate student gave us some videos, which show some of the procedures performed on his teaching assistants, and other student volunteers. Many times these procedures were painful and sometimes led to internal bleeding and awful bruises.
Besides the injuries, many students were told to keep certain research practices secret.
And this student said sometimes, results were even altered by the professor, who was allegedly getting payments from companies for his research, while on the university dime.
Reporter: "Did the university know he was doing these procedures?"
Student: "Yes, but the thing is he told them we were doing this in a sterile environment, using sterile equipment, sterile gloves, taking all the precautions needed and they trusted him."
But this whistle blower said he betrayed that trust.


  1. Graphic? That's an understatement. I feel like puking.

  2. Well, maybe he was doing liposuction? Health and Exercise Science? Ugh.

  3. sometimes I feel I can use a few brutal experiments on some snowflakes - especially after midterm exams. For example, rectal syllabus implantation with direct exam rules injections...

  4. I wondered about why he wanted the fat, too...soap-making, anybody? It also does look like some kind of back-alley liposuction technique...


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