Sunday, January 22, 2012

Another Amazing Email from a Senior in College

Im sorry to already be doing this but I will not be attending class tomoro due to the fact that i have a prior engagement to attend to due to the fact that I just was able to finalize today. I did not think I would be attending school at all this semester but thankfully I was able to finalize and continue my college career. I will be there from here on out though. Thank you


  1. ACK! How did he/she make it to senior level?! I have sophomores like this, but I imagine that once they transfer to a 4 year it all goes downhill and they aren't able to "continue their college careers." Say it ain't so!

  2. I must need another degree. I can't interpret wtf that email is supposed to say, except Snowy McSnowflake isn't coming to class- maybe. I must be an idiot, right?

  3. I get e-mails like this and I just go... why?
    Often they are from students who really don't miss very often, are well under their number of allowed absences... so why send anything?
    I don't really care that you skipped a day. I don't. Really. If you skip weeks I'll start to wonder about you, but a day? Come the heck on.
    Hell, there were classes I never attended in college outside of the exams (and got A's, but that's beside the point). I didn't send ANY e-mails to those teachers telling them I was skipping again. And again. And again.

  4. Dear Snowy,

    Send me another illiterate e-mail message like this, and I take it out on your grade.


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