Monday, January 30, 2012

Snowflake Mail.

Hi Dr. Unreasonable,

I was unable to get my project downloaded from the server. Even though I waited until the eleventh hour and on a weekend, no less, to come to terms with my incompetence.

I talked with Irresponsible Roommate #1and Irresponsible Roommate #2 and they said that they were also unable to get it downloaded as well. Which, according to the laws of our idiot collective, means that it cannot possibly be our fault.

My website is on my laptop that is not working so I have no access to my files whatsoever. Because my computer is soooo unreliable when it comes to things other than Skype, Facebook, Netflix, Video Games, YouTube, illegal downloads, etc.

Can you help tomorrow morning before class or afterwards to help with this issue? And perhaps you might also help me to locate my ass. I've been searching with both hands, but still can't seem to find it.

 I submitted my files to Blackboard, so the project is done but not on my website. Because "done" is not an absolute concept. It is defined by the parameters of my own choosing.

Irresponsible Iris


  1. That reminds me of some students I had in a CAD (i. e., computer-assisted drafting) course I once taught. They claimed they couldn't locate their drawing files on the department's server or on their back-up floppies but they could easily find any Internet porn site they chose.

  2. Grrrrr. I love the asides! I especially hate the "here's how I did the assignment so you'd better accept it even though it doesn't meet the parameters of the assignment." I bet Iris never finds her ass.

    1. Didn't we have Captain Subtitle in charge at one point?


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