Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Snowflake Mail.

Hi Dr. Academic,

I've been dealing with a case of galumphing galumphitis these past several weeks and as a result I haven't been able to make it to very many classes.

Which class of mine is it you're in?  The one with 250 students or the one with only 60?  It would be helpful to know, though it probably won't make any difference to my response.

In light of this, I was wondering if it would be possible for you to send me the notes from the past five or six classes.

 The notes I have made clear at the beginning of class that I never give out? The notes that would do you no good anyway because they're only in my head?  Those notes? No.

I realize that might be a bit much to ask


 but it would be extremely helpful. If this isn't possible, if you could perhaps give me the email of someone who would be willing to do this in the class

I suspect you're in the class of 250.  I don't know any of the rest of them either.

 or maybe a teacher's assistant. 

I wish, I really wish, we had the kind of budget that innocent request implies you think we have.

Thanks in advance for your help.

You needn't.  No, really.


  1. I have the same student!
    "I'm sorry I just failed this hugely predictive exam that says I am likely to fail my boards. Really, it's no my fault, you see I have a cold. I need you to still bend over backwards for me and give me special privileges."

  2. Mine was "too dizzy" to study over the weekend...seriously.

  3. I'm always a bit taken aback when they make a similar request and end with "I would appreciate it."

    Well, gratitude is better than no gratitude, but is it really a reason to go against the explicit guidance in the syllabus?

  4. "galumphing galumphitis" seems to be reaching near-epidemic proportions on our campus, too. I think it's spread by midterms. Maybe we need to disinfect them somehow?


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