Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Seriously? For Real?

Yesterday we read Chapter 11 in class. I lectured on Chapter 11. I showed video clips to illustrate the concepts in Chapter 11. There was a quiz and an activity in class over Chapter 11's content.

Today, we started Chapter 12 (which is VERY different from Chapter 11). A student (who attended class yesterdayand actively participated by commenting and providing an example from her own experience) raised her hand to ask why we had skipped Chapter 11. I replied: "We didn't. We did that yesterday." Her response: "Seriously? For Real? Where was I?"

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is my question. Where are they? If their minds are not in our classes (although their bodies are present), where are their minds?

Point of Clarification: I didn't call them "Chapter 11 and Chapter 12" in class. I actually mentioned the chapter titles.


  1. You discussed content, but did you specifically state the you were discussing chapter 11? Each semester I get flakes incapable of associating the two.

  2. 1. Their minds are not separate from their bodies. Their minds are on their bodies! They're 19 for chrissake!

    2. Chapter 11 has something to do with intellectual bankruptcy, doesn't it? Or was it another kind?

  3. "...where are their minds?"

    Wedged way, way up their asses.

  4. Possible charitable explanation? The student had an outdated (or International) edition? I swear, publishers crank out new book editions for my courses every three frigging years...

  5. Folks, can't teenagers be allowed a silly mistake, every now and then? They do that, you know. Anyone might confuse Chapter N with Chapter N + 1.

    Or maybe this student gets her meds from the same place as Paula Abdul...

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! It's an old RYS one I believe Cal did.

  7. I have begun to tell them, in mid-lecture, "You should be writing this down." They shake themselves like dogs coming out of deep water, fumble for a writing implement, and write down...something. I have done everything short of beating them with my information beating stick, and I will still have people who fail the midterm, which is so easy they should all get at least a B.

    CC, the fault lies not with us, innovative educators every one of us. Take comfort. You're not alone.


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