Wednesday, April 25, 2012

College Students Making Me Smile


  1. Thank you for sharing--they made me smile too.

    They also made me think of my undergrad journalism prof, who was from Nairobi and was a killer rugger.

  2. Charming! It occurs to me that some cultural differences are, in fact, on display, but they're along the lines of these young men being more comfortable with touching each other in clearly affectionate (as opposed to half-affectionate/half-violent) ways than the average American macho-man/boy.

  3. The difficulty in shooting a gun accurately from a moving truck or boat should not be minimized. For that matter, coming up with a well timed one liner is no easy task either.

    1. Yes, but the grounds for complaint are that only the Western white guys shoot accurately or have well-timed one-liners.

  4. I'm gonna pair this with Chimamanda Adichie's TED talk, The Danger of a Single Story for both my seniors and my juniors this week! Brilliant! Thanks.

  5. This made my day. Thanks for posting!


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