Sunday, April 29, 2012


As Fab noted last week, when a comment gets removed from the page (usually for the party's current or past violations), any replies to that comment (the so-called threaded comments) get lost as well. Apologies for that.

- Cal


  1. "Awww, Hell Naw!" - Frylock, "Aqua Teen Hunger Force."

  2. Come on, Cal. Quite trying to increase the moderator's share of the "recent posts" pie.

  3. Whenever I see these kinds of message, I wonder what kinds of posts I'm missing out on when I've buckled down for grading weekends.

    1. Me too. Plus, wondering if it was my comment that got deleted ...

      well, back to marking.

  4. Well, there's a good reason for never hitting "reply" on a StockStalker comment.

    Dude, most of your comments are sophomoric and mean-spirited and add nothing to the discussion at hand. Either do better--like Bubba, Strelnikov, and Beaker Ben, people with whom I disagree often but who make comments with some substance and thought --or deal with being deleted. It's the blog's equivalent of an F, and you're the snowflake wailing "no fair!"

    Cal, if you need to delete this, be my guest.

    1. It's not a game, baby boy. It's a blog. People post interesting stuff on it. Other people post interesting comments. Some people post uninteresting comments. This is fine. Some people post insulting, abusive, mean-spirited comments. This is not fine. Those comments get deleted. Most people can tell which comments those are and don't do that. If you can't figure it out, you'll get deleted a lot. Learn or leave.

      Feel free to delete this if you need to, Cal. And if babycakes here forces you into "comments require approval" for awhile, that's fine too. Whatever makes your job easier.

  5. Hi everyone. Fab started pulling down comments about ten days ago from one fairly recent visitor to the site, and after this person called a community member a cunt last week, I thought that this person had overstayed the welcome as well.

    He'd been borderline for a while, making enough ordinary (yet still stupid) comments to sorta stay within reason, but he's remarkably clueless and never picked up on the fact that we were going to let him stay if he'd behave just a little fucking bit!

    So I guess he finally noticed and then started spamming a couple of older posts today, filling some pages with dots, etc. So I've been taking him down when he appears.

    I'll miss some of course; nobody's watching over the page since Fab went on hiatus. Shit. I can't even find the hide-a-key Fab left for us. I had to break out the french doors that lead from the pool deck to get in here. (What is this smell?)

    Anyway, bear with us during the trying, just kidding.

    But bear with us anyway while Junior throws his shit fit.

    Leslie K


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